I design products and services that empower the people who use them and that solve real problems.

I began my design career as a researcher. From a background in academia (I have a Ph.D. in English / cultural history), I moved into user research and ethnography—then found that my heart lay in experience design, experience architecture, and project leadership. For the past several years I've been designing products and services for both business and patient users throughout the not-so-simple world of health care. I believe in rapid iteration, interdisciplinary collaboration, and failing fast and often until I find the right thing.

I am currently Manager of User Experience at Medullan, a digital health consultancy out of Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC. I can't show off too much recent portfolio stuff on the internet, but there's a little more detail under work.

Since graduating from college in 2005, I also have been a community organizer and communications director for New York State's ACLU; have taught as a visiting professor at Washington University in St. Louis; and have done a joint postdoc at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society's metaLAB. (More over at LinkedIn!) I like to write, too: you can find me in n+1, The Washington Post, American Literary History, the Los Angeles Times, Pacific Standard, and elsewhere.

I'm from Van Nuys, CA (favorite taco: fish) and Buffalo, NY (favorite sandwich: beef on weck). When not nerding out about design, I love hip hop, yoga, running, books, cities, and constitutional law.