I design products and services that empower the people who use them and that solve real problems.

I began my design career as a researcher. From a background in academia (I have a Ph.D. in English / cultural history), I moved into user research and ethnography—then found that my heart lay in experience design and strategy. I design products and services for users throughout the not-so-simple world of health care. I believe in rapid iteration, interdisciplinary collaboration, and failing fast and often until I find the right thing.

I am currently Manager of User Experience at Medullan, a digital health consultancy out of Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC. I can't show off too much recent portfolio stuff on the internet, but there's a little more detail under work.

Since graduating from college in 2005, I also have been a community organizer and communications director for New York State's ACLU; have taught as a visiting professor at Wash. U. in St. Louis; and have done a joint postdoc at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society's metaLAB (more: LinkedIn!). I also like to write, for places like n+1, The Washington Post, American Literary History, and Pacific Standard, and Los Angeles Times.

I'm from Van Nuys, CA (fav taco: fish) and Buffalo, NY (fav sandwich: beef on weck). When not nerding out about digital stuff, I love hip hop, yoga, running, books, cities, and constitutional law.